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Retrouvez la sérénité

My support is a journey of self-discovery, a connection to your deepest emotions as well as your past wounds which condition your life today.

Discover how to escape suffering, align yourself with your needs and values and highlight the immense resources within you!

Sessions in Lausanne or Vevey but also remotely on ZOOM

Understand your relationship patterns and create balanced relationships

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Your relationships worry you, whether with your spouse, your children, your family or even your friends. 

These stories that loop in your head are ruining your life and you want that to change. You are in the right place! 

You will learn to:

-Identify your emotions and related past wounds during specific situations

-Stop the ruminations that loop in your head

-Set your limits with those around you

 -Assert your needs with kindness

-Learn to say no

-Be authentic without fear of being rejected

-No longer suffer in your relationships

-Create easy, healthy and balanced relationships

Benevolent Separation ®

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Most of us long for an amicable ending, but divorces usually end in confusing hostility.

We are clearly capable of behaving irrationally when we are hurt.Know that even if your spouse does not want an amicable separation you can change the dynamic. of your relationship systemically. 

Put all the chances on your side so that your decision does not define the rest of your life or that of your children! 

With this method, famous in the United States (Conscious Uncoupling®)

you will transform your separation and learn to: 

-Welcome and channel your emotions -Identify your past wounds

-Identify the role you played in your relationship

-Communicate effectively with your ex-spouse and protect your children

-Take back the reins of your life and define the future that you want to create and not reproduce the same pattern in the future.

Pain, aches, illnesses
Release your blocked emotions

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Our emotions speak to us through our body, they ask to be heard, recognized and released.

They cause pain, sometimes illness, or even blockages in situations where we struggle to move forward without understanding why. 

Often we are not aware of it, or we seem to have “fixed it”;

The code of emotions is a method that allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious, without having to delve into painful memories, find blocked emotions and then release them. 

Sessions last 30 to 40 minutes and can be done remotely. 

Immediately afterwards you will feel lightened and freed from a weight.

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I appreciated Stéphanie's attentiveness and kindness, her friendly and relaxed side while being professional, I felt confident.

I recommend this coaching follow-up to friends and acquaintances in the same situation, and to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of themselves.


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