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After my separation I felt guilty and lost.

I made an appointment with Stéphanie because I wanted to learn to recognize my emotions, manage them, but also learn to communicate more calmly and with kindness.

Today I can say that the goal has been achieved, I feel more serene, more empathetic, I have a better understanding of past events. 

I appreciated Stéphanie's attentiveness and kindness, her friendly and relaxed side while being professional, I felt confident.

I recommend this coaching follow-up to friends and acquaintances in the same situation, and to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of themselves.


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Following my separation from the father of my children I was stressed, and I was very afraid of the future.

I contacted Stéphanie because I wanted to regain self-confidence, feel more serene and have concrete tools for times when I was not doing well.

Over the course of the sessions and the work on myself, my stress was greatly reduced, I felt peaceful and more confident in myself and in the future!

She helped me take a step back and see the situation from a completely different perspective.

Go see Stéphanie, you will feel much more serene and she also has a lot of advice about children!  

Thank you very much, these sessions helped me a lot!


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Thank you Stéphanie for your valuable help just before and during my separation.

Thanks to your method I was able to leave a life that had not suited me for years without “collateral damage”

While I was very afraid that my husband would put his foot against the wall, everything ultimately went smoothly even if it remains a delicate period.

The children are doing very well, we have good communication, I have regained my joy of living and my ex-husband is moving forward at his own pace which I respect, something I would not have imagined possible!

Thank you from the heart


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Stéphanie followed me when I was thinking about separating from my wife. Very quickly it made me realize that the real problem lay elsewhere.

I had major health problems, a very demanding job, in short, dissatisfaction in my life that I attributed to my relationship.

I rebalanced my life, found the spark again, I have new projects, and I am still with my wife!

Thank you Stéphanie, you gave me a taste for life again!


With Stéphanie I was able to talk freely about everything.

Even if I had come to resolve a particular situation, coaching helps me in everyday life, whether with my teenagers, at work or in my relationship, I communicate more easily, I say things clearly. clearer.

I also managed to let go and forgive my ex-husband after a difficult separation.

With my partner, I know how to defuse conflicts and I am more attentive to his needs and mine.

My relationships with my family have changed; they are more authentic and open today.


I accept things and I myself have stopped always wanting to justify myself.


I recommend Stéphanie to blended families, to people experiencing family or couple conflicts, to people who lack self-confidence, even if you don't think you need it! 



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After 20 years of marriage, I was no longer fulfilled in my relationship, a dissatisfaction difficult to explain, I had everything, but above all I had the impression of breaking up our family.

Those around us didn't understand.

These coaching sessions allowed me to stop feeling guilty all the time and see things differently.

To also understand why we got there.

Why had I forgotten myself in this couple, in this family life.


I learned a lot, and it still helps me every day in my relationships!



The emotional pain following my separation from my first love was incomprehensible.

I wanted to understand what was going on inside me and that's when I contacted Stéphanie.

As the coaching sessions progressed, I regained confidence in myself, I began to rediscover my joy of living and I became aware of the importance of living fully in the present moment.

Stéphanie, a big THANK YOU for your time, advice and support. You have changed my life for the better!


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